Bogolamukhi is important to terminate our enemies. There are eight forms of the Goddess Bogolamukhi. Few of the Goddesses are – Goddesses Shwet Bogolamukhi, Goddesses Pith Bogolamukhi, Goddess Krishna Bogolamukhi, Goddess Rokto bogolamukhi etc.

Two forms of Bogolamukhi are very important. So, let’s discuss about the two forms of the Goddess Bogolamukhi.

  1. Goddess Pithbogolamukhi is the well known God to reverence in our Bengal. It is the God of Defence. It succours to stop oppression of our rivals, and assists to stop foes from harming. For example, if any of your enemy counter a case against you, to demolish the case, Goddess is required.
  2. Goddess Shwetbogolamukhi helps to detach enemies from our existence. It’s puja does not manifest here. Normally it occurs on the night of waxing crescent. Things required for the puja of the Goddess Shwetbagalamukhi are:
  3. i) Twigs from crow’s nest.
  4. ii) On Tuesday & Saturday you have to collect Neem froud.

iii) You have to make white mustard oil.

  1. iv) You need blood of horse and bull.

There is a unique way of applying this secret process. It is not allowed to open up in public. So very few information is given.

We have to blend the blood of horse and bull and furnish it to the oblation, then the cinders of the oblation must drop on the place of enemy. This is how the procedure Ucchotong procedure takes place.

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